Media Technology Demo’s

As a part of the Arts, Media and Technology Minor, eight groups of students attended the Media Technology course. The aim of this course was to make students (more) familiar with applying technologies in a creative or innovative fashion. Dirk Heylen, Gijs Huisman, and myself supervised the projects. The assignment was to develop a cool/nice/breathtaking/beautiful/striking/controversial installation around the theme of ‘Awkward Interaction’, preferably including ‘touch’. During the several course sessions, the students presented their ideas and projects and eventually, everything had to be demonstrated in a project market in the SmartXP lab of Twente University. The groups also had to create a promotional video, a video explaining the installation, and/or a video that demonstrates the process. Below you can find the video’s and a brief description of the projects. Credits obviously go to the students whose names are in the video’s.

Game Enhancement: This group created two addictive games that were to be played with a gaming glove. The group extended this glove with vibromotors to enhance the gaming experience.

SeqSleeve: These students created a fully working music-mixing-creation interface to be worn around the arm. The fun thing was that you could actually feel the music by means of vibrotactile feedback integrated in the sleeve.

Aloha: This group created interactive tiles to be integrated at a busstop. Different games that can be played while waiting for the bus are meant to increase social interaction between people.

(In)Visible: The students created a labyrinth in which you could only rely on your tactile sense.

Billboard group: The students made a billboard that invited you to touch it. When doing so, an awkward message was displayed on the billboard, making you regret you touched it.

Mirage: You were invited to get a piece of candy from a bowl, but when taking one, you would find yourself displayed in a new, but highly awkward, environment.

Mirrors: This student created an installation with three mirrors which follow you. When you are alone, the mirrors turn towards you, but when there are more people, you will always see the other in the mirror; forcing you into an interaction.

Music with a Twist: This group of students enhanced the good old Twister game with music, allowing the players to create music while playing the game.


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