Promotion Remco Magielse

On April 14th, the Promotion Ceremony of my good friend – and some sort of example – Remco Magielse took place at Eindhoven, University of Technology. Remco focused on the Design of Adaptive Lighting Environments and investigated how the complexity of contexts of use can (and should?) be integrated in the design process of dynamic systems. I had the honour of being one of his ‘paranymphs’ and thus serve as physical shield when the debate between the committee and him would become too heated. Moreover, I was tasked with declaiming his statements when asked for. This task turned out to be more challenging than it seemed beforehand.

After an hour of interesting discussions, the ‘Hora est’ sounded and henceforth we should call him Dr. Ir. R. Magielse; nice 🙂


DSC_1467 DSC_1535 DSC_1543 DSC_1458

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